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The Patience Song is a Character Education song that teaches patience. This song will teach kids how to be patient and to put others before themselves. This is a song for learning patience and how to be patient.

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Patience Song Lyrics

Patience is the way I take my time
Patience is the way I stand in line
Patience is the way I wait my turn
Patience is the way I put you before me

Patience is waiting, waiting

Patiently I wait, I try to slow down
I’m not in a hurry, I take my time to look around
Patience is waiting, without being bored
I’ll endure every minute, patience is my reward

Patience is waiting, waiting

When you hurry, you worry and things fall apart
Patience is the answer take it slow from the start
Now stop, freeze, nobody move
Come on everybody now dance to the groove

Patience is waiting, waiting

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