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The Noun Song is a Grammar Song that teaches nouns as words that name a person, place or thing. This is a song for learning nouns.

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A noun names a person maybe someone that you know
In your family or community
It could be anybody or anyone
Someone in the world or an occupation
Words like boy, girl, brother and sister
Husband, wife, friend or a neighbor
Doctor, lawyer, teacher, astronaut
Come on everybody now show me what you got

A noun names a place maybe somewhere that you go
On the planet, a place you visit
It could be anywhere, any location
It’s all the places you can go and the places you have been
Words like house, mall, hospital and store
Kitchen, cafeteria, there’s so many more
Places like classroom, the moon, anywhere in space
Wherever you are, let’s make some noise in this place

A noun names a thing maybe something that you see
It’s an object or an item
It could be anything, anything
It’s something you can find and the ideas in your mind
Words like ball, bat, apple and banana
Dog, cat, koala and panda
Ideas like love, joy and peace
If you know a person, place or thing, sing it with me

Noun, nah, nah, Noun
Names a person, place or thing
Nah, nah, nah, Noun

Print The Noun Song Lyrics: The Noun Song Lyrics – Click Here

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