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The Simile Song is a Language Arts Song that teaches simile. A simile compares two unlike things by connecting them with words such as ‘Like’ or ‘As’. This is a song for learning Similes.

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A Simile compares two things
By connecting them with words
Such as “Like” or “As”

Now let’s practice what we know
To give meaning and to show
What we want to say

As tough as nails,
As white as a ghost,
As blind as a bat,
It’s burnt like toast
It’s fun to make a Simile with words

You can use a Simile
When you are writing a story
Or when you’re writing poetry

You can make one up or use what is there
But make sure that you compare
Two different words with “Like” or “As”

As clear as a bell,
As cold as ice,
As free as a bird,
As high as a kite
It’s fun to make a Simile with words

Print The Simile Song Lyrics: The Simile Song Lyrics – Click Here

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